21st Paradigm is way of thinking for the 21st Century that respects the intrinsic value of all life. That is, the right of other life forms to exist free from exploitation, needless suffering and wrongful death. Not only the pretty birds but also the predators and reptiles, insects, the ugly and unloved have a right to be left in peace, to exist not for the entertainment, health, sustenance and instruction of people but for their own sake, regardless of their instrumental value to humans.

How do we achieve this paradigm shift? Through film. Film is experiential. It cuts straight to the heart where emotion guides us towards truth. Films can educate in a way that turns ignorance into awareness, apathy into empathy, and indifference into purpose. Our films galvanize, inspire and activate. They remind people of the values we hold dear, and offer ways in which we can stay true to those values.

We reveal truths censored by mainstream media, which gives you a voice, and you in turn give voice to the animals and ecosystems we aim to protect. Become a member of the 21st Paradigm community by signing up here and be a voice for animals, for a just and peaceful world.