Joel Boyce has created a petition on Care2 calling for a boycott of The Grey, a disgusting Hollywood creation that demonizes wolves.

It starts: There are a number of reasons we’ve organized a boycott of The Grey. It’s not just because Liam Neeson and cast members dined on wolf meat as a bizarre sort of method acting. Or that real dead wolves were used as props in the film itself…. Read the full page and Please sign the petition.

Comment on Care2 from Vanessa Schulz:

Compliments to Joel Boyce for an accurate and articulate description of this criminal excuse for a film.

The western United States is currently a war zone for wolves, except only one side is armed and dangerous. Trappers are allowed to torture wolves with snares and steel leghold traps—the most inhumane devices ever invented. Hunters can bait and shoot them; and if these bloodthirsty rednecks don’t get to them, federal trappers and agents are after them with a vengeance, all under the guise of livestock protection (a myth integral to the fear-mongering). Soon they will even be using pilotless drone aircrafts—used by the CIA and the Air Force to target alleged terrorists—to kill “enemy” wolves (a suggestion made publicly by politicians). Alaska is just as atrocious.

We cannot underestimate the power of film to indoctrinate and intensify ignorance, especially since the most violent people are not always the most intelligent. Wolves are not only being murdered, they’re being tortured physically and terrorized psychologically. There is much more at stake here for anyone to say they’re not the most endangered so who cares. Seriously? By that logic the initial annihilation at the turn of the last century could be justified, since there were over a million wolves before this culture stole their land and lives, along with the land and lives of the Native Americans. Indian children would play with wolf puppies, painting their faces red before returning them back into their dens. The wolf family would return, safe in the knowledge that the kids were entertained while the parents, uncles and aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters were out hunting. How much we have lost.

Let’s hope this monumental crime against wolves ends Liam Neeson’s career as well as the careers of the writer, director and entire crew who turned a blind eye to what in their heart of hearts they must have known was wrong. Or better yet, let’s hope they turn their karma around by apologizing to the world and becoming wolf activists.

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