Sea Shephard

In Canadian waters, Captain Paul Watson faces off against the ruthless seal hunters of Norway, exposing the surprising charade of their “tradition”.

Captain Paul Watson is a force to be reckoned with. He is the world’s most effective defender of whales, sharks, dolphins, seals… the oceans. His ongoing battle against the seal hunters of the North Atlantic has forced him to endure assault, incarceration and multiple attempts on his life, yet he continues to defend the Earth with unparalleled conviction. “Sea Shepherd” was meant to be a chronicle of Watson’s metamorphosis from a fledgling activist at just nine years old (he used his BB gun to shoot other boys in the butt if they were aiming at birds) to captain of a fleet of ships defending marine life. Sadly, funding could not be secured for production. This short film instead is the promotional video made by Vanessa Schulz to help sell the story that has yet to be told. It shows how exciting, passionate and incredibly valuable one life, lived well, can be.

Footage and images courtesy of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Peter Brown; Music courtesy of Scott Huckabay.