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Help Defend Wolves!

Joel Boyce has created a petition on Care2 calling for a boycott of The Grey, a disgusting Hollywood creation that demonizes wolves.

It starts: There are a number of reasons we’ve organized a boycott of The Grey. It’s not just because Liam Neeson and cast members dined on wolf meat as a bizarre sort of method acting. Or […]

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Media and the War on Wolves

By Vanessa Schulz, December 14, 2011

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Let’s face it: Our culture – western civilization, aka The White Man – is killing the planet. 98% of native forests have been destroyed as they work on the last 2%. 99% of native grasslands have been destroyed. 92% of the ocean’s large […]

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Interview with Vanessa Schulz on Animal Voices

Animal Voices http://animalvoices.ca/posts is Toronto’s animal liberation radio show, broadcasting locally on CIUT 89.5 FM and worldwide at www.ciut.fm, live, every Tuesday at 11 am-noon EST. The show is aimed at the liberation of animals, social justice, and environmental health.

Co-hosted and produced by Lauren Corman and Steve Romanin, Animal Voices strives to shine a light […]

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Massacre of Dogs televised on Meganoticias – English transcription

TV broadcast by MegaNoticias – November 18, 2010Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)
(Transcribed by Carol Linacre, production assistant for Lost Dogs)
A massive and cruel killing of stray dogs was recorded in Penaflor. Police are investigating the incident and suspect that neighbors of the commune had acted in revenge due the pack that killed two […]

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Let Live Conference, June 25-27

Lost Dogs held a table at the Let Live Animal Rights Conference in Portland, Oregon. We joined forces with the Student Animal Liberation Coalition, Galapagos Preservation Society, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and many others who are striving to protect animals and their natural environments.

RonaldinhoOne of the most exciting footballers you could ever watch. Here […]

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Portland benefit a success

June 5 saw the biggest event yet for Lost Dogs at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland. Around one hundred people attended to see the images and hear stories from the field.
Guest speakers Allison Lance and Danielle Thompson of Galapagos Preservation Society, and Dr. Byron Maas of Bend Veterinary Clinic (also of Animal Balance), spoke with incredible insight to […]

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Thank you’s for June 5

THANK YOU to all the guests in attendance, thank you for becoming involved in our cause, for donating dollars and purchasing items that will move the project forward, one frame at a time.
THANK YOU to Reese Mercer for initiating and organizing the event. Thank you to Janet Champ for getting our foot in the Wieden+Kennedy door, not […]

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Vanessa Schulz makes an appearance on KGW Portland

21st Paradigm’s Vanessa Schulz made an appearance on KGW Portland 8 on Wednesday night. She talks about the mission of the ‘<a href="http://www online task management.lostdogsfilm.org/” target=”_blank”>Lost Dogs Film‘ as well as the roots in which it started. The actions of the Hero Dog in Chile, she mentions clearly had the greatest effect on her. […]

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Calling on Chileans to help dogs in Santiago

Help is needed in Circe de Pirque. Please get involved if you live in Santiago, or forward to friends –
Amigos (as) estamos ad portas del invierno, pronto se dejaran caer los aguaceros interminables, el frio y la nieve harán aun mas duras las condiciones en que sobreviven los perros en Pirque. Por motivos de tiempo, […]

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Chaitén Rescue complete

Thursday April 8, 2010
At last, almost twelve months since her evacuation from Chaitén, Millie is home!
It took a 7,000 mile trip for Millie to be adopted into the Oregon home of Rick and Janet Champ, with their cat and two other dogs. She was stressed and shaking on arrival in Portland but was easily comforted […]

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