Interview with Vanessa Schulz on Animal Voices

Animal Voices is Toronto’s animal liberation radio show, broadcasting locally on CIUT 89.5 FM and worldwide at, live, every Tuesday at 11 am-noon EST. The show is aimed at the liberation of animals, social justice, and environmental health.

Co-hosted and produced by Lauren Corman and Steve Romanin, Animal Voices strives to shine a light on the issues around the taking of animal lives for human pleasure. In the words of past guest and AIDS and animal rights activist, Steven Simmons, “It’s time for us to end this hierarchy of who has the right to live, who deserves not to suffer, who should be respected — that there’s a limit to the amount of compassion that we can have for our fellow creatures.” Steven passed away in 1997 but his words remain the foundation for why Animal Voices exists today.

For the interview with Vanessa Schulz about Lost Dogs and 21st Paradigm’s other documentaries, listen here

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