Portland benefit a success

June 5 saw the biggest event yet for Lost Dogs at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland. Around one hundred people attended to see the images and hear stories from the field.

Guest speakers Allison Lance and Danielle Thompson of Galapagos Preservation Society, and Dr. Byron Maas of Bend Veterinary Clinic (also of Animal Balance), spoke with incredible insight to the urgent need for a global movement that addresses the epidemic of homeless, domesticated animals. They cited reasons such as the impact on endangered species and ecosystems, the detrimental effects on society, and the suffering of individual animals. Their presentations preceded the screening of a portion of the Lost Dogs film, yet to be edited to completion. The underlying theme of Vanessa’s talk was the dire need for speciesism to be addressed and for animals to be included in humanity’s moral universe. Turning a blind eye cannot be an option.

The evening’s success was also attributable to the successful placement of Sacha, a three-legged dog from Galapagos, into the home of a husband-wife team, one of whom is a massage therapist for dogs. A perfect fit for a dog in need of therapy.

Rinco, Cona (Conaf), Ouzo (Zunko) and Fumarola all thoroughly enjoyed their reunion.


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